Ansaldo Energia and the Polytechnic University of Milan: 3 years of research and training together


Ansaldo Energia and the University sign a scientific collaboration agreement to design and develop machinery and technology for new generation power plants. Milan Polytechnic and Ansaldo Energia will both participate in the Italian national Energy Cluster now in the process of formation.

Genoa, 7 March 2013 – Today Ansaldo Energia CEO Giuseppe Zampini and Polytechnic University of Milan Dean Giovanni Azzone signed a three year agreement between the two organisations.

The agreement covers research and training activities for the next three years on these topics:

- New materials to increase the performance and reliability of power generation plants
- Advanced studies on turbomachinery fluid dynamics
- Innovative studies on gas turbine combustion and combined cycle process chemistry
- Use of advanced virtual reality techniques in training activities.

Ansaldo Energia can provide the Polytechnic with support in the form of teaching activities and by financing research doctorates, study grants and training apprenticeships. With its multi-disciplinary competences, the Polytechnic will provide technical and scientific support for the Company’s research activities.

Ansaldo Energia and Milan Polytechnic will also both participate in the Italian national Energy Cluster now in the process of formation, with joint research activities planned in the areas of combined cycle flexibility and the development of new generation gas turbines.

“We are proud that a leading edge industry like Ansaldo Energia has decided to collaborate with Milan Polytechnic in strategic sectors including new generation power plants”, commented Dean Giovanni Azzone. “This collaboration joins other long term agreements we have already entered into with other major companies (including Eni, Pirelli, Whirlpool, Telecom, Siemens and Maire Tecnimont). The involvement of our departments will put the University’s multi-disciplinary know-how at the service of excellence in research”.

“The agreement we have signed today is aimed at strengthening and rationalising opportunities to establish relationships on both scientific and educational levels with all the Polytechnic’s structures”, emphasised CEO Giuseppe Zampini. “For Milan Polytechnic, Ansaldo Energia represents a partner that can address key research issues in the power plant machinery and technology sector from an international standpoint. For us, the Polytechnic has the potential to represent a significant node in our external research and collaboration network on technical and scientific issues”.


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