Ansaldo Energia

 Ansaldo Energia is Italy’s largest supplier, installer and service provider for power generation plants and components, and a leading international player. Ansaldo Energia is one of the finest expressions of Italian technology and innovation in the energy sector.
It is a full-cycle, integrated operator, with the capabilities to build turnkey power plants on green field sites using its own technologies  And its own independent design, production, construction, commissioning and service resources.

Ansaldo Energia has an installed base of more than 175,000 MW in single and combined cycle gas turbine, steam, hydroelectric and geothermal plants. The company also has a strategic presence in the nuclear and renewable energy sectors. Ansaldo Energia has a corporate mission “to achieve sustainable growth by offering a portfolio of flexible, innovative solutions to satisfy the global energy needs of the future”. Energy has been the focus of Ansaldo’s activities for more than 160 years, shaping the company’s business culture.
Advanced technology, effi ciency, flexibility and excellence in customer relations underpin the Ansaldo Energia offering and its  competitiveness on international markets.

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